My ebook is out there – yipee!

This week is going to be one of those weeks when I depart slightly from the main subject of the Diary – although I do have things to relate, I shall save them for next week’s post. The reason for this is that I am full of excitement – at long last, my ebook has been published!!

It has been a couple of years in the making – I finished writing it in the spring of 2011, but then pictures needed to be dug out or taken anew and it needed proper editing and designing etc. This all takes time in the best of worlds but Robert, our older son, has had to do all that for me while also running his own business – but the phrase “better late than never” springs to mind, and after a bit of jiggling around with the web-site, the book is now out there for all to see, appreciate and, I hope, buy!!

This is me in 2006 wearing the Harris tweed coat my sister made for me.

If you are someone who has browsed through the Highland Diary, you will have seen one or two pics of me in various situations – not to mention the picture on the “about” page of me perched on a rock in our garden. They all show me as what you might call a normally sized, middle-aged woman. Well that wasn’t always the case and on this blog post, I will put up a couple of pics of me “back in the day” – or rather how I was before it became expedient for me to lose weight, i.e. before starting to suffer all the physical problems inherent in being over 60 and obese – and there is no doubt that I was obese, however much I tried to pretend that wasn’t true at the time 🙂

The first chapter of the book is free to download and tells the tale of how I got fat in the first place – all the gory details laid bare for all to read. I then go into the details of how I lost 56 lbs in slightly under a year. To tell the truth though far from putting it all back on again, I have actually now lost another 7 lbs, and am still hoping to lose another 7 and a last inch off my waist to bring me back roughly to the weight I was in the 1970s before I met the love of my life, had children and lived happily ever after – putting on ever more weight 🙂

... and here, taken today, hanging off me!The new website is called “Happiness by Design” which I feel is totally appropriate – because that is the crux of losing weight, and especially by the process set out in the book. By that I mean taking your life into your own hands, shedding those excess lbs and through doing that achieving happiness! I will also be blogging about weight-loss and other health related issues on the site.

I have always had a keen interest in matters to do with health and fitness – it has always been a big part of my life. My grandmother was very interested in such things as alternative medicine, diet and health – she lived to be a healthy 84 – and I think I inherited that interest. After having children, I sort of felt that it was part of my duty as a Mum to think about my family’s health – which I am sure is something which is true of most mums. Nowadays there is loads of information about such matters out there on the net, a facility which of course wasn’t available when my children were growing up. Sometimes I think, though, that that was actually a benefit – one could read books and articles and draw conclusions – whereas nowadays there is just such a lot of often conflicting “advice” out there, it can be very hard to sift through it all!! At the same time, I have to admit that it was on the internet that eventually – after many times trying and failing to lose weight – I found the right guidance, and this again is fully explained in my wee book.

The two of us at the Kilt Falls on Skye - both well overweight.  My husband is also now a shadow of his former self!I have to admit that I am secretly looking forward to blogging about a subject so close to my heart, and I have lots of ideas running round in my head for this. I won’t be blogging every week in the way I do for the Diary – for one thing, the posts will not be tied to any particular time in the way they are for the Diary, and also I can’t spend quite the amount of time it would take at my computer – not with cat poo to seek out and all the other things which makes life in our part of the Highlands so very varied and interesting 🙂 But please accept my invitation to look at my new web-site – we would welcome any and all comments…

Well, you get the picture.  I really wasn't 6 months gone when this was taken, although I look it!What a wonderful spell of weather we have been enjoying – today is the first day for at least a week that we woke up to cloudy conditions, albeit still no rain. The days have started with a hard frost from really quite low overnight temperatures but have then recovered to a balmy 7 or 8 centigrade, and I have managed to get out to spend a bit of time sorting out my flower garden before the main push on vegetable growing starts. It has been a real pleasure to get out there and the sun has felt lovely on my back as I bent over the flowerbeds – although my back has rather objected to the treatment! On Tuesday, the walk over to Badnaban for piping seemed rather surreal – on the one hand it was warm enough just for a jacket and one pair of light-weight gloves (rather than the two pairs I normally wear in winter!) and it really felt like spring – but on the other hand, where the sun had not shone at all, there was still frost and ice. Sandy and Anne’s garden, which hasn’t seen sun since probably last October, was so frost bound it looked like snow. What a contrast – but what beauty…

[Photos from Clarinda]

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