Northwest Highlands Geopark

I have written two pieces about the Geopark recently, which you can find here:

About our geopark
A bit more about our geopark


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  1. Trina says:

    Hello Clarinda – What a beautiful name. I just came across your blog. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I hope to one day visit Scotland. I live in America. We have Scottish festivals here in America that my children (adult children ranging in age from 27 to 18) and I go to every year. I so look forward to this time of year that we get to spend with each other. My father believes we are from Scottish descent, however, I have had a hard time finding anything concrete. I am so enamoured with Scotland. Everything from stories to pictures. I hope you continue your blog. Just wanted to say hi.

  2. I see this was written in 2012! Are you still active? I discovered this site because I looked up Donald Fisher who had been on our ferry from Ullapool to Stornaway last June. he was offering a geological talk for a Fiver and I jumped at it. There were 5 of us listening enthralled with his wonderful clear explanations of the origins of the Earth and the connections all about us as we crossed the sea to the Outer isles.

    I think the idea of a Geopark with people like Donald Fisher to encourage ordinary people to experience the excitement of the treasure hunt that is Geology is a wonderful idea.

    I was first introduced to the richness of rocks when I was 13 and on a school journey to Ballycastle and it remains one of my most precious memories. As a girl, in the fifties, I felt discouraged from the sciences so never took it further. I Live in London and am an artist and a Photographer. Oh, and married to a Scotsman who grew up on Skye.

    I’d like to be kept in touch with developments.

    Best wishes,

    • Clarinda says:

      Hello Vaughan, and thanks for your interesting comment.

      Sorry it has taken me a while to respond –the delay caused by a combination of Christmas and a lack of internet connection for nearly a month due to the weather!

      I am afraid you are right – I am no longer actively writing the Diary. This is partly because life rather just jogs along here without a lot of note to record and partly because I now tutor three groups in Scots Gaelic – which I do on a volunteer basis – and this has rather taken over my life! Is your husband a Gaelic speaker?

      I did think you might want to know the latest news about our Geopark, and that is that this year it will at last have its longed for Centre. Mary Milne has now retired – at the age of well over 70 – from running the Museum of Childhood in Unapool. The building will now become an information centre for the Geopark, complete with café where one will be able to sit and watch Continental Drift at work from the window! The building has a view over Loch Glen Coul where one can clearly see the younger Torridon Sandstone undercutting the 3 billion year old Lewisian Gneis – I can think of nowhere more suitable for the centre to be situated! I hope you will be able to come and see it for yourself sometime…

      Donald is certainly an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker – I should think it was £5 well spent!

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